Our CEO, Bernarde Hyde and Managing Consultant, Joel Arber partnered with City, University of London’s Change Lead, Natasha Bennett to speak to nearly 300 HE leaders across ASEAN countries as guests of the Department for International Trades’s office in the Philippines about the silver linings of COVID-19 recovery for universities.

Covid-19 Recovery for Educational Institutions

Like every other sector, higher education across the world has had to quickly adapt to the global Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has changed the way universities operate through its immediate impact. Further, it has begun to shape longer-term thinking about what the university of the future looks like – and how best to prepare for it now.

Seeking specialist higher education consulting expertise, the UK government Department for International Trade called on SUMS Consulting to talk to universities in the Asia Pacific. SUMS’ membership network provides a platform to share UK best practice with universities based in other regions. This is important because many of these organisations are facing very similar challenges.

Since the pandemic, we have seen a sector traditionally reluctant to change-making quick decisions. Institutions are not only embracing change out of necessity but also identifying this disruption as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform higher education forever.

SUMS is uniquely positioned to help, as a not-for-profit management consultancy that works for and is owned by universities. Across the period we have been supporting HEIs on the road to institutional Covid-19 recovery across all areas of operation. We are helping them to shape new target operating models designed to meet their strategic objectives for a post-COVID future.

Webinar Recording

Their presentation ‘Silver Linings: Recovery Strategies for Educational Institutions’ works through:

  • Taking the positives from the pandemic.
  • City, University of London – a case study of change.
  • Beyond efficiencies: The need for transformation today.

You will need the password: Vmmyykw8 to gain access.

Watch this recording to learn from an event that assembled the full scope of actionable recovery strategies. We are moving beyond emergency response to forward-thinking innovation.

To find out more you can contact Joel Arber at j.m.arber@reading.ac.uk

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