SUMS recently completed an assignment to improve the experience of both students and staff on a university website.  Centred around insight-led user experience and design, the project has delivered tangible improvements for the university.  Leading on from this, the team have identified the following 5 key takeaways that focus on capturing insight to inform and drive improvement on your website

SUMS Consulting, with our partners Uprated, recently delivered a session on insight-led website user experience and design, using real-world examples from work undertaken by SUMS at London Metropolitan University.

1. Review existing data and analytics – Invest in reviewing existing analytical data (such as that captured in Google Analytics) to look for any clues that highlight issues or opportunities for improvement. Universities should undertake an audit to measure existing performance and, if the evidence supports it, make the case for change.

2. Invest in insight to remove guesswork – Website change and design is too often influenced by internal opinion or perceived business priority. Investing in real user insight and feedback should be a key step and will help to support and inform future decisions.

3. Take advantage of new technology – Some excellent digital tools now exist for capturing insight and measuring performance. Video session recording, heatmaps, clickmaps and feedback surveys are all now available via a range of digital tools.

4. Get real feedback from students using your website – Using the technology referenced above, create a plan that focuses on key areas of your website that you would like to investigate. For example, you could place student exit surveys on areas of the website that have a high exit rate, helping you to gain powerful feedback directly from students and discover tactics for improving the experience and reducing exit rates.

5. Collaboration is key – Working collectively either with a third party to assist with digital projects and/or your internal team is key to the success of these projects. The internal team at London Met were able to offer detailed insight into existing systems, campaigns and previous design decisions, whilst SUMS was able to provide additional digital expertise and a wider view of the activity happening elsewhere in the sector.

Together with one of our service partners, Uprated, SUMS is supporting marketing teams as they apply some of the latest digital technology to generate data to help colleagues understand the needs of their external audiences. To learn more about the digital expertise and services available from SUMS, get in touch at 0118 935 7073.

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