Carol Burns

Associate Consultant

Carol Burns joined SUMS in 2016 after seven years on the Senior Management Team at the University of Brighton as Registrar & Secretary and six years in the College Secretarial function at Royal Holloway, University of London.  In all, she has 20 years’ experience working with governing bodies across HE, the public and not-for-profit sectors. Her early career was spent in the private sector, including three years as a management consultant with KPMG and three years at the Financial Times.  She then ran her own media and marketing consultancy before joining the HE sector.  Carol has advised Universities and other organisations on strategic issues, restructures and optimising the benefit of their IT investment and has spoken at high-level strategic conferences.

Carol is a sought after mentor for senior staff and takes a keen interest in individual and team development with experience of running development programmes in communication and team building.

She has conducted effectiveness reviews for Governing Bodies and supported new governors and Chairs in understanding the role – including the management/governance divide – and working with other volunteers.  She has also worked on the balance between executive responsibility and committee oversight.