Sameer Lakhani

Associate Consultant

Sameer specialises in strategic marketing, UK and International student recruitment and communications for the higher education and the not-for-profit sectors. He brings expertise in strategy development and execution particularly by using research, data and analysis to solve complex problems and development of goal-setting frameworks for measuring outcomes. This is complemented by a sound academic foundation and a creative mind with management skills that aim to deliver results.

Sameer brings with him over 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, corporate communications and senior administration within higher education and the not-for-profit sector. His wealth of experience spans senior management roles within UK and international Higher Education institutions as well as at a global not-for-profit organisation.

Sameer has successfully led teams to develop and deliver strategic plans, integrated marketing campaigns, student recruitment strategies for home and overseas markets, research and analysis and effective digital and print communications. He has also been involved in implementing institution and department-wide projects including brand identity mapping, course portfolio evaluations, CRM systems integration, website implementation as well as the setup and delivery of an international Centre for Continuing Education.

Sameer’s work has included using strategy development and execution to solve complex problems. These skills have recently been enhanced by studying Strategy Execution at Harvard Business School. Along with his experience, academic strengths and professional networks Sameer brings a strong knowledge of market research and analysis which has ranged in delivering studies on competitor benchmarking, programme analysis and development, pricing studies and using qualitative frameworks to inform brand development and advertising/marketing plans.

Sameer is passionate about education, an advocate for life-long learning and has a keen interest in diversity and inclusion. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his young family, volunteering in the community, reading fast-paced fiction, swimming, travelling and playing badminton.