Claire Taylor MBE

Managing Consultant

Claire helps universities identify effective and efficient solutions to complex organisational issues using a range of informed approaches.
With expertise in stakeholder engagement, participative process review, quantitative and qualitative benchmarking and activity analysis, Claire translates multifaceted problems into achievable work plans.  She has worked in the HE sector for over 16 years and has experience across the breadth of professional and administrative activity within UK universities.
Claire leads our practice in a number of interconnected areas: teaching and learning, timetabling and space management.  She is interested in helping Universities make the most of their academic resources, be they academics, technicians, equipment, space, curriculum and even time!  Her recent projects include teaching space needs analyses, holistic timetabling reviews, curriculum management (from approval to retirement, through processes, policies and systems) and expanding non-standard teaching activity (e.g. apprenticeships, accelerated, CPD and micro-credentials).  She is able to summarise data to provide actionable insights and articulate complex multidimension resourcing challenges to provide clarity for senior managers.
Claire studied maths at Oxford, then worked for Procter & Gamble in IT Systems Management.  She completed an MA in Applied Management at Henley Business School after her retirement from international cricket. She still plays cricket every summer for the MCC and sits on a number of committees both local and national.

Connect with Claire on social media:
Twitter: @sct_tails
Skype: sclairetaylor