Emma Ogden



Emma has experience in all areas of HR, Organisation Design, Development, Talent, and Change Management. She has strong international networks and aims to bring sector expertise across the globe to provide richer insight for the benefit of members.

Emma is a passionate people practitioner, considering all aspects of equality, equity, diversity, and inclusivity. She works with members and clients to implement sector-leading solutions that respond to the global landscape and are innovative, pragmatic, and informed by appropriate insight, legislative and regulatory risk. She supports universities to improve engagement and achieve a stronger alignment to their strategic priorities and values.

Emma brings expertise in Human Resource management and Target Operating Model design, to her role at SUMS. She has worked in senior HR positions at the University of Derby and BCU and was a Change Specialist for the British Red Cross. Emma brings experience in managing transformational change, organisation design and development initiatives to her work. She works with all academic and professional services functions to create integrated, co-designed cultures and practices.

An alumnus of the University of Birmingham and Coventry University, Emma holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and chartered membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Outside of work, Emma serves as a Board Trustee for a Multi Academy Trust in Nottingham. She is a passionate sports fan, particularly American Sports.

How has Emma recently supported universities?

  • The design of fit-for-the-future target operating models at LSTM, Plymouth, and Nottingham
  • Maturity Assessment reviews, audits of HR and Strategic Workforce Planning implementation at BCU, UCL Oxford, Leicester, Portsmouth, St. Marys, Goldsmiths and LSE
  • Launch of a Senior Salary Benchmarking Survey
  • Thought piece assessing Academic T&Cs for HEPI.

Emma’s latest HR publications and events:

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