Gretel Stonebridge

Associate Consultant

Gretel is an expert in continuous improvement. She has expertise in training and development, creative facilitation and coaching.

Gretel’s skills, knowledge and abilities are valuable in shaping a culture of continuous improvement for SUMS members and clients. She has a long and varied career encompassing HR, organisation development, and continuous improvement/Lean.  Using emotional intelligence, natural curiosity, a flexible approach and practical experience, she can support teams and individuals in process improvement and change.

She has worked in retail, manufacturing and higher education, and has led improvement projects in factories, professional services, libraries, research and academic schools.

Gretel developed a continuous improvement approach for a university – over 1000 people engaged with it in under two years. She supported a team studying the demand for graduation – the team improved communication by reducing the failure demand by 80%. More recently, she has led a mixed team from schools and education services in a university to redesign exam board reports. The result was a saving of 5 hours’ formatting time per report. Gretel is able to shape local improvements where system investments are not possible, and these local improvements yield the greatest impact and engagement with people.

Gretel enjoys playing in a guitar ensemble, learning to play the bass guitar, swing jive and open water swimming.