James Bance

Associate Consultant


James is a specialist in market research. He brings expertise in qualitative and online research, together with business intelligence.
James is a market research specialist. He brings experience from a variety of sectors, including service users, school pupils, corporate stakeholders, professionals and volunteers. He has conducted studies for several private and public sector organisations. These include University College London, Charities Aid Foundation, ACAS, National Literacy Trust, the Financial Conduct Authority and The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors.

James started his marketing career in an education and training context. At Queen’s College, Glasgow, he was responsible for understanding student needs and coordinating marketing activity across a range of academic specialisms. His first market research function took place in Glasgow Caledonian University, where he focused on student learning needs and aspirations.

His recent studies focus on the skills and development needs of professionals, how they want to learn and how this can best be delivered. In addition, James has assessed learning needs with audit professionals in the UK. He has also conducted international research into professional learning needs in a range of academic disciplines.

Having formerly been Qualitative Director for over a decade at GfK Financial, James has his own market research practice. His work now often involves researching specialist audiences, from corporate directors through to adults with poor literacy.