Martin Hamilton

Associate Consultant

Martin has extensive experience of digital innovation in higher education, with a particular focus on Education Technology (edtech), future and emerging technologies such as AI and Augmented Reality and specialist areas such as High-Performance Computing (HPC) and R&D commercialisation.

Martin has a wide range of expertise around not just key technologies and their maturity levels but also how to help organisations plan for and manage change and understand their risk appetite. He has also led a number of multi-million pound capital programmes and has significant experience in procurement and supplier relations, project and programme management. Martin can advise on how best to keep staff and stakeholders engaged and included during periods of disruptive system change, and how to ensure that initiatives are outcomes led rather than process or technology-led.

Martin has been working at the global digital forefront since the Internet’s Cambrian Explosion in the early 1990s when he was jointly responsible for the ‘www.’ naming convention for websites and worked as a Computer Science researcher on the UK’s Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib). Martin went on to a senior management role in IT Services at Loughborough University, where he led campus-wide wireless rollout, cloud computing and server virtualisation projects and set up the HPC Midlands supercomputing centre for research and industry. Martin subsequently headed up the Innovation Lab at Jisc, the UK’s not-for-profit digital services provider for research and education, working with HEIs on digital strategy and startup/scale-up companies on securing investment.

In his spare time, Martin has a keen interest in digital, drone and 360-degree photography, with over 2 million views of his photos across platforms such as Instagram and Google Maps. Martin has also volunteered for the National Childbirth Trust, where he helped to run Messy Play sessions for toddlers and infants and was responsible for the glitter and glue supplies.