Nick Skelton

Associate Consultant

Nick brings expertise in using digital technology to transform ways of working and studying. Through his work, he delivers flexibility for staff and students while achieving efficiencies for institutions.  Nick has a strong understanding of change management within HE and is passionate about equality and diversity.

Nick joined SUMS as an associate in 2019 after 20 years in the HE sector.  His most recent role was as Director of the Digital Workspace Programme at the University of Bristol. Nick developed the strategy and led the team which delivered mobile-first and paper-light ways of working.  Under his guidance, colleagues moved to an open calendar culture and built an intranet to manage information at the individual, team, and organisational levels. Students and staff now access information and work together, wherever and whenever they need to. This flexibility improves satisfaction and delivers efficient use of space for the institution.

Nick has a strong understanding of change management within HE. He works with students, academics, and professional staff to co-design cultures and practices. He joins up offerings from across the university, to deliver an integrated digital experience with the student voice front and centre.

Nick is passionate about equality and diversity. As co-chair of Bristol’s LGBT+ network, Nick led practical actions to improve equality – rewriting HR policies, increasing the visibility of LGBT+ people, and lighting up buildings in rainbow colours on the city skyline. As a result, the University of Bristol was named the most LGBT+ friendly employer in the city at The Bristol Pride Awards.

Nick produces his own cider, founded a small company making dairy-free cheese, and is currently bringing a disused smallholding back to life. He is a fellow at the Society of Leadership, St Georges House, Windsor Castle.