Jess Tuthill

Senior Insight Analyst

Jess's expertise spans business and data analysis, requirements engineering, and management information. As the lead contact for data and insight support at SUPC (SUMS' sister organisation), Jess excels in delivering high-quality data and insights, both quantitative and qualitative, across a wide range of domains. Leveraging powerful visualisation tools like Tableau and Visio, Jess effectively communicates complex information, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions driven by comprehensive data analysis.

With a keen eye for process optimisation, Jess helps organisations streamline and enhance their operations, leading to significant benefits such as increased capacity and reduced inefficiencies. Her expertise in management information, data mining, reporting, and producing KPI dashboards enables her to provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence.

As an experienced process manager, Jess guides organisations through mapping their current ‘as-is’ processes and supports them in charting the path towards the future ‘to-be’ state, ensuring seamless transition and continuous improvement.

Within the SUMS Group, Jess plays a pivotal role in driving the continuous improvement of internal data processes and procedures. She ensures they remain fit-for-purpose and aligned with strategic objectives, enabling the organisation to operate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Joining SUMS in 2021, Jess brought a wealth of expertise from highly regulated roles across banking, financial institutions, and consulting firms. With a knack for strategic problem-solving, she excels at transforming complex challenges into well-defined requirements and crafting innovative solutions tailored for management teams. Jess finds great satisfaction in developing and delivering strategic roadmaps that drive tangible results for her clients.

How has Jess recently supported universities?

  • Creating templates and processes for Higher Education Authority, RoI to enable them to carry out a space utilisation survey over multiple years for all of the universities in their remit
  • Wolverhampton review and mapping of student journey to highlight where gaps were and introduce refined processes
  • Creating internal templates as products to use on future consultancy pieces of work to speed up and unify working
  • SUPC Member Benefits Statements & Scope 3 reporting.

Outside of work, Jess can often be found writing songs and playing gigs with her ukulele.

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