The Procurement Shared Service (PSS) provides specialist support to the higher education sector.  We ensure clients secure the best value from their procurement activities.

We specialise in developing procurement capability and capacity.  We have two stand-alone assessments and offer consultancy support across all areas of procurement development.  We help you deliver improved procurement efficiency and effectiveness to your institution and students.

Value for Money Procurement Assessments

The VfM Procurement Assessment delivers value through insight.  The tool provides a sector-specific, holistic assessment of 3rd party spend across your institution.  It will help you identify and prioritise opportunities to deliver greater value for money from your procurement activities.

Learn more about our Value for Money Procurement Assessment here.  

Click the image below for a snapshot of how we can help you identify savings opportunities.

Procurement Maturity Assessments (PMA+)

The PMA+ drives procurement delivery by increasing capability.  The new and improved programme provides an opportunity to stand back and review your organisation’s procurement capability and competence against functional best practice.  PMAs have already demonstrated continuous improvement in sector-wide scores (read the most recent Efficiency, Effectiveness and Value for Money Report.)  Learn more about our PMA+ programme here.

Procurement Consultancy

Our experts in public sector procurement can support: Brexit readiness, strategy development and implementation, procurement re-organisation, spend analysis, purchase-to-pay system rationalisation and tendering.  Our focus is on delivering measurable results for you.  Learn more about how our procurement consultancy can help you.

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