We work with universities to develop strategies and plans that create the foundations for any effective strategic change programme.

Once these are in place, we help universities implement strategy and change management activities to deliver impact, underpinned by appropriate capacity and capability plans.

Developing the right approach to change management in universities

Our consultants facilitate in-house conversations, using their considerable sector expertise and experience to make recommendations.  We identify common themes and challenges across schools, faculties and departments, reviewing existing approaches and exploring options. We help universities to build a shared understanding of issues and potential solutions.  We work with our clients and members to agree on the high-level vision and roadmap for the development of change management, with clearly defined interim states that represent increasing maturity in this area.

Developing change management capacity

Our consultants work with senior leaders and in-house change management teams in universities to develop and articulate the mandate, scope and ways of working for change programmes.  We work with key university stakeholders to build the case for investment in change capacity and to carry out pilot projects that demonstrate the benefits of effective change management. Where necessary, we assist institutions to recruit staff with the right mix of skills and experience.

Acting as a critical friend to university change teams

We advocate for the success of our clients’ and members’ programmes by asking provocative questions and acting as a sounding board.  We offer a different perspective on a challenge, drawing on sector expertise and understanding of the HE context.  Our consultants provide information and advice to project managers and leadership teams who may find themselves too close to a topic to see it objectively.  We support universities to develop new and successful initiatives through ongoing mentoring, support and challenge.

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