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This group’s purpose is to support strategic planners to integrate sustainability knowledge into their skillset and to aid collaboration towards sustainability objectives. This group is a joint initiative between SUMS Consulting and the Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (HESPA).

Our group facilitators:

  • Dr Thomas Owen-Smith: SUMS Consulting, Service Lead for Sustainability
  • Hannah Al-Katib: University College of Estate Management, Director of Strategy and Planning

Who should attend?

Strategic planners and colleagues interested in embedding sustainability into university strategy and planning, from member institutions of SUMS Consulting and/or HESPA.

Why join?

This group aims to:

  • Facilitate networking between strategic planning colleagues from the UK HE sector around integrating sustainability dimensions into institutional strategy and planning
  • Support the sharing of best practice
  • Act as a forum for the discussion of related issues and a resource for the development of joint solutions
  • Provide an opportunity for strategic planners to collaborate on projects
  • Produce tangible outputs or resources which can be used by other group members
  • Improve understanding of sustainability imperatives and their strategic dimensions amongst university senior leadership teams

How to join:

If you are interested in joining this group please contact or