SUMS insights highlight the wide range of consultancy projects we have undertaken with universities across the sector.

Here are a few examples of the meaningful work the SUMS team has been involved in to help universities make tangible improvements to strategies, programmes and projects.

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Silver Linings: How the Response to Covid-19 Will Change Higher Education Forever

Insight on how the HE sector is responding to Covid-19.

Working Well Cover

Working Well – During and After Covid-19

A report into staff health, general wellbeing and remote working enablement in the HE Sector.

Digital Education

Digital Education Options for 2020/21

Research exploring how to deliver digital and blended learning for higher education courses in the 2020/21 academic year.

Student Services Cover

The Impact of Covid-19 on Student Services

An investigation into how university student services directorates have responded to Covid-19.

2019 – Professional development support – University of Oxford

Professional Development Support

Tailored professional development support to deliver impact – energise your staff and activity

2019 – Benchmarking and International Student Recruitment – University of Dundee

Benchmarking and International Student Recruitment

Making the case for investment in marketing to achieve ambitious targets

2019 – Using data insight to evolve a user centric website – London Metropolitan University

Creating a User-Centric Website

Using data insight to deliver a better user experience

2019 – Identifying Efficiency Opportunities – Keele University

Identifying Efficiency Opportunities

Adopting a nuanced and tailored approach to cutting costs and working more efficiently

2019 – Student Journey Mapping – UWE

Student Journey Mapping

Understanding pathways and key touchpoints to deliver the best outcomes for students

2019 – Understanding Change – University of Reading

Understanding Change

Approaching change in the right way to support meaningful outcomes


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