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Our unique membership model offers great value-for-money. SUMS Members access our management consultancy services, our expert staff, our extensive knowledge base, and engage in our community of practice groups, events, seminars and workshops that provide learning and networking opportunities.

SUMS Members commission consultancy assignments, which are paid for through an annual subscription.  Assignments can be individual or collaborative, but we tailor each one to the specific university’s culture and needs.

We have a strong legacy – SUMS membership has grown steadily since the organisation was established in 1968.  Members shape the work that we do and benefit from the shared knowledge and understanding that results from it.

Two levels of membership are available – 40 days’ consultancy and 20 days’ consultancy.

To learn more about SUMS Membership options, please contact us.


Member-specific consultancy assignments

Assignments are delivered by our highly experienced team of Higher Education consultants whose expertise spans most areas of activity within universities.  Our team brings an understanding of good practice across the sector to your assignment.  Alongside individual assignments, we deliver a range of collaborative assignments where the involvement of multiple members allow us to address issues that affect the sector as a whole.

Knowledge base

Extensive knowledge base

SUMS Members benefit from access to the extensive SUMS knowledge base. This knowledge base – combined with our consultants’ knowledge of good practice – is a unique asset that our Members value when looking at new assignments. Members can access publications including good practice guides and reports, assignment reports (contingent on member permission), briefing papers, hot topics and case studies.


Member events

We run a range of events and workshops responding to priority developments, Members’ interests and emerging good practice. Part of our regular calendar of events, Community of Practice Groups are facilitated by SUMS consultants to support the exchange of good practice. Visit our events page to attend one of our upcoming events, free for Members.

procurement consultancy

Professional development support

We recognise the challenges of working in a senior role in higher education, therefore we provide aid for individuals who have recently joined a university in a senior management position, been promoted internally to a new role, or someone just seeking some reassurance, inspiration or support.  Learn more about SUMS Professional Development Support.

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