The SUMS team can identify multi-million pound, cashable savings, ensuring you deliver maximum return on investment and value for money.  We provide expert support for targeted reductions in specific service areas and/or innovative ideas for income generation.    

Performance analysis, benchmarking and opportunities identification

Get a holistic view of your activity.  SUMS’ dual-approach to benchmarking and analysis – using qualitative and quantitative methods – helps universities see where they are, and more importantly, see where they want to be.  We help clients understand what ‘good’ looks like and how to get there.  Hear more from Principal Consultant Claire Taylor.

Benchmarking video

Identifying and prioritising areas for process review

Improve your set-up and deploy your resources more efficiently.  Process reviews challenge the status quo and help universities get out of the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mind-set.  By doing this, we help clients understand why they undertake certain activities.  We then help them find more effective ways to get the result they want.  This means better use of resources on the most important activities to your university.  Hear more from Principal Consultant Fola Ikpehai.

Process review video

Achieving value for money

We work with universities across the UK to find better ways of working that deliver savings without compromising the student experience.  SUMS’ modular efficiency framework allows you to target specific challenges, or piece modules together for a broader programme of support.  Simply choose the modules that best meet your needs.  Hear more from Principal Consultant David Becker.

Efficiencies Video

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