Accelerate a successful transition to new and post-pandemic ways of working in higher education.  SUMS' work draws on best practice across a range of sectors, but with a focus on the unique challenges in Higher Education (HE). We support universities to identify and implement ways of working that will deliver benefits to the university, its staff and its students.

Use our modular ways of working framework to target specific challenges, or piece modules together for a broader programme of support.  Simply choose from the modules below to best meet your needs.

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The Basics

What changes does your university need to make to deliver a successful approach to new and post-pandemic ways of working in Higher Education? This module covers the cornerstones to successfully implement new ways of working that align with high-quality service delivery


The People Dimension

What HR elements should you consider when defining new and post-Covid ways of working? Our People module will give insight into the complete spectrum of HR considerations when planning new ways of working. Our support is based on extensive research within and outside the HE sector.


Technology & Space

How do you leverage technology and the physical estate? Aimed at professional services, this module will explore the interdependence of your new ways of working with your current IT architecture and existing physical estate. Our support is informed by both practice from outside the sector as well as working with our members during the pandemic.


Organisational Culture

What cultural values and principles do you need to consider alongside the practicalities of a hybrid approach to working? Using your existing work culture as a starting point, we will help you explore the cultural expectations of staff when introducing new ways of working. We will then help you assess what this means for individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

How can you make sure EDI is considered and embedded at each step of the journey? We know that effective EDI must be woven into every element of university operations. As we reconsider ways of working, it’s a great opportunity to also be pro-actively and consciously inclusive from the start of the changes, rather than finding we have to react to EDI challenges later.

Implementation Planning

You know what you need to do, now what’s the best way for your university to do it? In the context of developing efficient and effective ways of working, we will provide expert programme management and coordination to ensure successful implementation.

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