Our HR support helps ambitious universities release their potential, continuously improve, and achieve targets.  We can help both professional services and academic staff through strategic and proactive initiatives to maximise human resource impact in a way that’s tailored to your institution.  We also help strengthen your teams by providing tailored leadership development, coaching, and mentoring support.

Use our modular framework to target specific challenges or alternative piece modules together for a broader programme of support.

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HR Maturity Assessment

Our HR maturity assessment helps institutions evaluate their current capabilities and identify the actions needed to increase maturity in their HR function.  Results from the assessment will help to improve HR’s impact on business value by comparing its strategies, capabilities, and initiatives to those within the benchmarking group.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Our approach to strategic workforce planning involves working with you to analyse, visualise and identify what you need in terms of size, type, experience knowledge and skills of your workforce.  We will then help you consider how to design and develop your workforce to drive delivery and performance.

Staff Engagement and Culture

Our engagement and culture work considers cross-University review and assessment to provide a holistic approach to improving culture and engagement.  Our work involves working with you to analyse current measures of engagement, visualise and identify where you want to get to and then consider top priorities for commitment to make tangible, long-term change.

Organisation Design and People Change Management

A robust approach to people change will incorporate organisational tools to help individuals make successful personal transitions that lead to the adoption of change and the realisation of associated benefits. People change is critical to the success of any programme or project.

Our approach to assessing change maturity focuses on the ‘what’ not the ‘how’. We recognise that individual institutions will adopt different approaches (the ‘how’) based on their current needs and culture. We assess change maturity against the dimensions of leadership, people, process, focus and approach; this covers the strategy and planning phases, through to implementation, embedding and sustaining.

For advice about Organisation Design and Change Management from a strategic perspective, please review our Efficiencies, Change & Transformation modules.

Other Support Offered

We offer a range of useful mini-modules for you to choose from:

  • HR Systems
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Competency and Behavioural Framework Design
  • HR Strategy Development
  • Workshops and Training
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • EDI Reviews and Governance Panels
  • Recruitment and Assessment
  • Leadership and Management
  • Change Agent and Change Champion Support