SUMS’ teaching and learning support spans portfolio review, curriculum development, and academic workload modelling and planning.

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Our projects tackle virtual learning environments, student information system review and implementation, and student experience and engagement. We are expertly positioned to help institutions address the priorities for students and staff today and in the future.

Undergraduate and Post-graduate Portfolio Reviews

We conduct in-depth reviews of student experience and engagement, collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. This enables us to make implementable recommendations that help you improve both undergraduate and post-graduate experiences.

Pathways, Accelerated Degrees and Apprenticeships

With high competition for undergraduate students, universities are keen to diversify their student populations and offer programmes and services that are adaptable to demographic changes and unpredictable climates. SUMS has produced a briefing paper on accelerated undergraduate degrees for its member universities, providing key insights into the most effective delivery methods.

We have also seen significant growth in the number of HEIs delivering apprenticeships in recent years. Our consultants can help you gain a greater understanding of how they can be delivered, and the complexities involved. You can find out more about how we’ve been helping universities here.


Measuring The Impact Of Curriculum Change On Processes

At SUMS, we recognise that future society will require different skills and knowledge from education, opening a need for innovative changes to current curriculum. Working alongside your team, we help you review current policies, processes, systems and performance metrics to gain an in-depth understanding of existing approaches to curriculum and their results.

Using our experience of the sector, we support you in identifying and implementing effective and future-proof models and ways of working.