SUMS’ higher education consultancy services help members and the wider higher education sector to gain insight, drive improvements and deliver greater value for money.


Develop your institution’s sustainability plans and turn them into reality

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Efficiencies, Change & Transformation

Impact university business strategy and operations to deliver greater value for money


Human Resources (HR)

Use our modular framework to maximise human resource impact and strengthen your teams.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategies for Universities

Develop fit-for-purpose mental health and wellbeing services for students and staff

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New and Post-Pandemic Ways of Working

Accelerate a successful transition to new ways of working

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Strategy, Planning and Transformation Portfolios

Develop an ambitious strategy for your institution and turn it into reality.

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Digital Transformation

Transform university websites, systems and technology through digital analysis and delivery


Coaching & Professional Development

Support and develop individuals and teams to release their potential.


Marketing & Student Recruitment

Reach your targets through student recruitment, strategy review and communications support


Procurement Services

Improve your procurement through assessments, value for money analysis and project support


Research & Enterprise

Prepare for the future with research, innovation and enterprise support


Space Management & Timetabling

Maximise output through effective timetabling, space utilisation, monitoring and management


Student Journey

Improve the student experience from recruitment, through to alumni engagement

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Teaching & Learning

Meet the needs of students and staff with insightful and innovative support