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Balancing Cost Efficiency with the Human Impact: How to Reshape Universities Without Compromising on Your Values

Speakers: David Becker, Principal Consultant & Joel Arber, Managing Consultant and SUMS Group Head of Business Development

The intel is stark: all universities are going to face significant income challenges in the midst of an already tight fiscal landscape.  Government support, while welcome, is not going to be enough to pull those institutions on the precipice of collapse back from the edge.  The only way universities are going to pull through is by initiating major efficiency programmes impacting both pay and non-pay spend.

But how can that be done whilst staying true to values of decency and fairness?  Based on his experience delivering cost containment across public and private sectors, and informed by conversations with Finance and HR directors during the last few months, SUMS Consultant, David Becker will set out what it takes to balance the need for reduced spend with care for your staff.

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