SUMS was commissioned by HEPI to undertake a Comparative Study of Higher Education Academic Staff Terms and Conditions. We completed a review of published data available in, and of, the UK. The review was carried out objectively and the results are presented with no position by the SUMS Group.

This data, as with any benchmarking, is not an end in itself, but instead signposts the sector to areas that may require deeper investigation. Indeed, performing well comparatively does not mean that there is not room for improvement or new thinking.

To read the study, please visit the HEPI website here.

‘Further enquiries regarding the outcomes of the study and its positioning should be referred to Nick Hillman at HEPI / 07730 718247.’

Notes for Editors

  1. HEPI was established in 2002 to influence the higher education debate with evidence. It is UK-wide, independent and non-partisan, and funded by organisations and higher education institutions that want to see vibrant policy discussions.
  2. SUMS Consulting are a not-for-profit membership organisation providing expert consultancy to the higher education sector.


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