Anne Johnson

Associate Consultant

Anne has been working with SUMS as an associate consultant for over ten years. She has significant experience with Scientia and Semestry products and can assist SUMS members with development of space management policy, reviews of timetabling systems, processes and curriculum complexity, and interim management roles.

Anne has worked in the UK Higher Education sector for over twenty years, starting in university student systems roles and later employed by leading scheduling software suppliers Scientia and Semestry Ltd. Anne set up a full-time consultancy business in 2013 and has worked with scores of universities across the UK.

Anne’s main career has been in the HE sector but she has also worked as a school teacher in London, spent three years in Zambia with VSO working with computers in schools and volunteered as an adviser for Citizens Advice.

Anne has obtained the following qualifications: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Leicester University Qualified Secondary School Teacher BA (Hons) Psycholinguistics, Essex University