Brock Johnson

Associate Consultant

Brock brings proficiency in data and business analysis to revolutionise ways of thinking and implementing. Through his work, he easily translates big data into relatable and transferable images to help institutions achieve excellent efficiencies. Brock has a passion for finding optimization in any sector and is excited to include everyone in that journey.

Brock joined SUMS as an associate in 2023 after 5 years working in the manufacturing and sales industry. His most recent role was starting and operating his own consultancy company in the US specialising in lean six sigma and change management practices among multiple industries. Brock utilised his technical engineering background to help companies and individuals generate increased revenue, implemented safer and more streamlined operator protocols, and used statistics to showcase best practices and improvements to their sectors. This wave of improvement allows clients the necessary resources and expertise to propel themselves forward.

Brock has a strong understanding of optimization and data analysis. He works with individuals, groups, leaders, and C-level officers to guide cultures and practices to full optimization. He buoys up the business savvy mind of leaders with the technical data findings, giving everyone the best opportunity for successful business decisions.

Brock is passionate about giving his all and being genuine, especially with his family. He recently became a father and is enjoying the new role and responsibilities that follow. He loves watching/playing football and taking his dog on walks.