Felicity Gasparro-Cooper

Associate Consultant


An expert in organisational design, engagement, change consulting and strategy development, Felicity is a well-regarded Associate who has delivered strong results for SUMS Members in an array of HEIs. She is an experienced Marketer and People Professional and her talent both Professional Service disciplines is evident in her assignments.

Felicity joined SUMS in 2019 having been the Head of Marketing Operations at the University of Reading. She runs her own business, Oyster Outcomes Ltd, which specialises in providing education providers of all levels with a range of consulting services. She has recently been the Director of Marketing and External Communications at St George’s School in Ascot, and she is currently the Interim Director of Marketing, Communications and Digital Engagement at St Mary’s University, Twickenham.

An expert in organisational design and effectiveness, engagement, change consulting and strategy development, she has a strong record in optimising team performance across a range of disciplines including Marketing and People Functions. She is creative, personable and engaging, and enables our Members to work cohesively to pinpoint options and solutions.

She has researched and authored a trilogy of thought leadership pieces during the Covid-19 pandemic, reviewing the impact of CV-19 on admissions, enforced online learning, and graduating through Covid, as well as an in-depth exploration of the impact of enforced remote working on HEI staff. She developed a discussion piece for the University of Cardiff to enable them to explore options to develop OD at the university, supported desktop research with Leeds University Business School to identify distance learning opportunities.

She has worked with SUMS Partner Organisation, Gatenby Sanderson, and Chair of CASE to surface a debate at the University Marketing Forum (UMF) distilling the benefits of increasing equality, diversity and inclusion in HE Marketing Teams. Felicity is an active member of the SUMS CPGs in Change Management, and Student Recruitment & Marketing.

Through her business, Felicity is also a provider of professional coaching to SUMS Members – an embedded strand of SUMS’ efficiency and transformation offer. SUMS also directly refers its Members who are seeking Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Solutions (including MHFA England Courses, i-act for positive mental health and wellbeing courses, and bespoke course) to Oyster Outcomes.

Prior to joining the Education sector, Felicity enjoyed a successful career in the John Lewis Partnership working in a range of roles, notably HR, Marketing, staff engagement, organisational change and governance