Jacqueline Cripps

Associate Consultant


Jacqueline brings expertise in strategy, programme, change and workforce management to her role at SUMS Consulting.

Jacqueline is an experienced consultant with over 13 years of experience working across multiple sectors and internationally. Her expertise lies in leadership, delivering strategic change, programme management and HR.

Jacqueline has led, influenced and contributed to several projects across her professional career, with some of her clients and engagements including: Kingston University, Transport for Greater Manchester, Transport for London, Mayor of London, Public Health England, Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority, Department of Justice and Regulation, and Department of Police and Emergency Management.

Jacqueline has an educational background in Social Sciences, Psychology, Art Therapy and Trauma Therapy.

Having spent years researching and experiencing the complexity of workplaces – including generational differences – Jacqueline’s niche expertise lies in helping organizations understand the millennial generation and workforce. She is passionate about creating awareness, educating others and bringing about positive change.

As a millennial leader, Jacqueline is also passionate about bringing a millennial lens and perspective to all her interactions, to add value.

Jacqueline has presented several keynotes in Australia, the U.K and Europe. She writes for numerous publications and has a media portfolio that includes podcasts, YouTube, and TV interviews. Jacqueline is the author of two books (non-fiction) and is currently working on a third, for publication in 2023. She is passionate about mental health advocacy and supporting younger generations. As a creative and avid traveller, Jacqueline enjoys spending her time between London and New York.