Jane Ball

Associate Consultant


Jane is a Dialogue practitioner, interventionist, and organisational and systemic change consultant. Dialogue is an emerging approach in organisational development, which Jane has been pioneering for more than 20 years. She brings this methodology and integrated model of skill developed through first-hand experience to her work with SUMS.

Jane’s client work includes interventions where there is an intractable problem, reactive programmes of change to meet an organisational need or proactive transformation to generate and realise a new vision. It is based on the skilful design of processes within which the many stakeholders who are involved in a situation talk and think together to author and deliver change. This includes coaching leadership, facilitating live dynamics, establishing structures to support what is happening, and introducing skills that enable a different way of working together to be sustained.

She has worked in public institutions, commercial businesses, and in open systems with a common cause. Examples of her achievements for clients include, preventing staff strike action and enabling a flourishing union management partnership; empowering junior staff to address issues of inclusion, and delivering diverse leaders of the future; establishing a culture of shared accountability and ownership where there had been top-down leadership.

Jane has been Director of Dialogue Associates, since 2003. She studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at St Peter’s College, Oxford, and Criminology at Edinburgh University. She has published several papers about her work, particularly describing transformation programmes in the criminal justice system. As a founder and trustee of the Academy of Professional Dialogue, an international educational charity, she is passionate about championing those who would not normally get access to Dialogue training because of their age, role, or where they live or work. In addition, she is Chair of the Board of Governors at Stratford upon Avon school, a large comprehensive academy school, where she has used her professional expertise to bring vibrancy to governance and leadership and create a vision of the role of the school within the community.