Jenny McNeilis

Associate Consultant

Jenny is an expert in implementing and optimising timetabling processes, policies, systems and teams. Her work has delivered key improvements to staff and student experiences through her advice and management of large-scale transformation projects.

Jenny has a good balance of strategic and operational thinking and has a strong understanding of the impact of curriculum planning and student allocation frameworks.

Jenny joined SUMS in 2024 after a 15-year career spanning higher education, recruitment and voluntary sectors. Her most recent role was as a Professional Services Consultant at Semestry. Jenny showcased her ability to build trust and foster effective relationships with clients. Her role involved advising on best practice, configuration and running software implementation projects, ensuring that customers maximised the benefits of the product suite.

At the University of Liverpool, Jenny recruited and led a new team, and advised senior management through significant institutional changes, spearheading the centralisation and improvement of timetabling processes. Her strategic vision and expertise were instrumental in devising and implementing a new Timetabling Policy, which brought clarity, efficiency and parity to institutional operations. She also led on key system improvement projects such as enhanced clash checking, data collection, data exchange, and change notification.

Prior to this, Jenny accumulated a wealth of insights and experiences in the core challenges facing timetabling, curriculum planning and space management through roles at BPP and the University of Central Lancashire, fostering her passion for solving problems in this area. In fact, she even applied her skills to timetable her own wedding. Next, she is keen to use her knowledge to contribute to the wider sustainability challenges facing Universities.

Jenny has obtained first-class and distinction level degrees in English Literature from the University of Warwick and the University of Manchester. Her passion for literature has been life-long and she is a member of the Tolkien society. As well as reading, outside of work Jenny enjoys attending classical music concerts, playing video games and spending quality time with her young son.