Leon Smith

Associate Consultant


Leon is an expert in academic services and related specialist systems provision. His work has enabled numerous institutions to optimise process, systems, and services through ambitious change programmes to the benefit of both students and staff. Leon has a particularly strong grasp of the impact of curriculum structures on both resourcing and systems.

Leon joined SUMS in 2023 after 25 years in higher education, working directly for universities and for student and curriculum systems suppliers that support them. His most recent role was Director of Product and Service for Semestry (Tribal). Leon led all technical and professional service areas, including product development, service implementation, client support and consultancy. He was also responsible for product marketing, strategy, and management. Leon personally directed and led implementation strategies for new target accounts won with institutions in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. He also delivered the expansion and restructure of the professional services teams to meet the challenges of growing client numbers and the need to extend capacity, whilst maintaining service continuity for clients.

Prior to this, Leon was Director of Education Management at Manchester Metropolitan University where he was responsible for Academic quality and standards, Collaborative partnerships, Student and curriculum systems and data quality, Assessment management and delivery and Timetabling. During his time in the role, he led the teams through significant changes to the curriculum framework and the implementation of new timetabling and student systems, whilst meeting the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic during the same period. This included management of the flip from on-site to online provision and a new block teaching model delivery.

Leon’s interests include tabletop roleplaying games, online gaming and football.