Nanna Blomquist

Associate Consultant

Nanna is a dedicated and qualified Sustainability professional with experience embedding environmental practices and mindsets into institutional structure and culture.

With a background in finance, business, education, and sustainability, Nanna has a strong understanding of the external pressures, competing priorities, and wider considerations to addressing the climate and environmental crisis within the higher education sector.

HEIs are ideally placed as both anchor institutes and educational providers to influence change in our local communities and the future societies that our students will graduate into. Nanna believes that integrating sustainability into HEIs’ core values, activities, and operations will not only help accelerate our global environmental efforts, but can add significant commercial value too.

In her role as Senior Environment and Sustainability Adviser at the University of Hertfordshire, Nanna has led on both operational as well as strategic initiatives, from waste, energy, and biodiversity management to behaviour change, compliance, net zero planning, curriculum development, policy design, strategy, and community engagement (internal and external). Nanna firmly believes that for sustainability to be successfully embedded, support and commitment is needed at all levels and across all institutional activity areas. Stakeholder engagement is therefore a key ingredient to any change management approach, an area where Nanna has a wealth of experience from both within the sector and as the sustainability lead in her local Town Team, frequently liaising with business leaders, council representatives, and members of parliament.

Nanna is also passionate about the wider sustainability considerations such as equality and diversity. She is a dedicated member of the EDIT group, and works closely with EDI and Wellbeing teams to collaborate on issues such as climate justice and active travel. She believes that everyone has the right to an equitable, secure, and healthy future, and that we have a collective responsibility to protect and nourish the planet we live on. Nanna is a keen environmental advocate and has worked on various education, conservation, and community voluntary projects over the years, both in the local area and around the world.