Kirsti Norris

Kirsti brings expertise in both focusing on the micro and macro of sustainability within organisations.

With over 21 years of experience as a sustainability practitioner in corporate and the further and higher education sectors, she brings her understanding of the wide view of sustainability strategy, operations, change management and engagement along with proficiency in the detail of carbon accounting and focused action planning to make change.

Kirsti joins SUMS with extensive experience in the HFE sector, having worked with and for a number of colleges, universities and sector bodies supporting sustainable practices and knowledge sharing.  She is currently working at UWE Bristol as Carbon & Energy Manager, overseeing the UWE net-zero carbon strategy. Projects with previous clients include running residential training programmes for leaders in the sector to understand the breadth of sustainability; collaborating with academic staff to explore future skills requirements; and setting up data measuring and monitoring systems for carbon reporting. She recently worked for a client with complex and nationally significant buildings, facilitating strategic discussions between stakeholders for refurbishment plans which served to understand the building users’ needs, as well as nurturing understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by the Estates team to fulfil the extensive works required. The workshops ensured greater understanding and communication that built a good foundation for disruptive project ahead.

Kirsti believes strongly in the power of hearing from ourselves and others in safe spaces as a means of finding our steps to a more life-sustaining society. She is an experienced group facilitator in empowerment work for individuals and groups seeking to find strength, inspiration, passion, and purpose in these challenging times.

Kirsti is a Chartered Environmentalist and Full Member of both the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and the Energy Institute. She is a Fellow of the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges, and a Learning Fellow of the Schumacher Institute.