Prof Dr Petra Molthan-Hill

Petra Molthan-Hill, PhD, Professor of Sustainable Management and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University (NTU), UK, and Co-Chair of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Working Group on Climate change and Environment.

Professor Molthan-Hill – a multi-award-winning internationally recognised expert for Climate Change Mitigation Education and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management – can support SUMS members and clients in developing their own GHG management, setting up strategies and policies and training their employees in climate literacy.

Her special focus is on climate change mitigation education and how this can be integrated into the curricula of all disciplines. She leads the ‘Climate Literacy Training for Educators, Communities, Organisations and Students’ (CLT-ECOS) distributed worldwide; CLT-ECOS recently won the Sustainability (Gold) Award in the QS-Wharton Reimagine Education Awards.

She started and led the Green Academy at NTU (UK) from 2013–2021 integrating with her team the SDGs into the curriculum of every discipline across all faculties. In 2010, she designed a greenhouse gas management consultancy project for undergraduates, which is still ongoing and has supported over 200 organisations to date. She reconceptualised the Sustainable Development Assessment Tool (SDAT) of NHS England funded by, and accountable to, NHS England and Public Health England to work across the NHS, public health and social care system together with Dr Michael Hewitt from NBS and the Sustainable Development Unit (SDU).

Professor Molthan-Hill is the editor of ‘The Business Student’s Guide to Sustainable Management’ and of ‘Storytelling for Sustainability in Higher Education. An Educator’s Handbook’ and lead author of ‘The Handbook of Carbon Management: A step-by-step guide to high-impact climate solutions for every manager in every function’ and has published widely on ESD and Climate Change Mitigation Education.

Petra is married with two teenagers and the whole family loves board games, making music, sailing and swimming.