In this briefing paper, SUMS Consultant, Emma Ogden, explores the transformations the HR function must adopt to remain relevant and act as a strategic contributor.

Read the full Reinventing the HR Operating Model paper here

Shifts in innovation, ways of working, and changing workforce expectations mean that if HR is to remain relevant and act as a strategic contributor it must transform. HR’s role in the traditional Ulrich model is to be an agent of change, support stakeholders with embedded resource and ensure business strategy is reflected in people-related operations.

Recognising the challenges with the Ulrich model and the need to respond to new and emerging challenges, this paper proposes that universities and their HR leaders might rethink their operating model.

Key takeaways:

  • For those who have led HR functions, the reality of the Ulrich model has often been different from the theory.
  • Turbulent and unpredictable environments at work, with social contracts changing and different employee expectations, are creating a culture shock that is driving a need for change.
  • There are different models which could be considered, enabled by improved data and more efficient service delivery.
  • We would recommend taking a blended, hybrid approach with a strong focus on shifting to Human Capability

To read Emma Ogden’s paper in full, download the Reinventing the HR Operating Model briefing paper here.


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