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Last week, the SUMS Group hosted a virtual roundtable event open to all professionals working in higher education institutions (HEIs) to explore Cloud migration.

The transition to Cloud announcement from Unit4 has sparked intense discussion amongst UK Universities. This shift underscores the evolution of the cloud from being merely a market disrupter to an essential IT strategy for universities.

Recognising the urgency for reflection during this rapid evolution, SUMS proudly hosted a dynamic virtual roundtable that brought together industry professionals to collectively navigate the risks, benefits, and complexities of cloud migration.

The aim was to foster an understanding of the landscape and dispel any myths surrounding this crucial transformation.

The event, open to professionals from HEIs, was delivered by specialists in digital transformation and Cloud technology from across the sector. These thought leaders shared valuable insights, sparking interesting discussion amongst attendees.

Key themes discussed during the event include:

  1. Cloud Dynamics: Attendees gained a comprehensive overview of current cloud technologies and strategies.
  2. Cloud Cost Optimisation: Participants explored the techniques and strategies employed by their peers when transitioning from a CapEx to an OpEx IT model.
  3. Skillsets for the Cloud Era: The discussion highlighted the essential capabilities required to successfully transition to cloud systems.
  4. Unit4 FAQs: We explored potential implications of the transition led by our Unit4 partner, followed by an update from UCISA about how they are supporting the sector to respond to this challenge.
  5. Complexities Unravelled: Common complexities in cloud journeys within the sector were unravelled, with real-world experiences shared by SUMS members at various stages of their cloud journey.

Collage of SUMS consultant's headshots against a digital cloud background

It is clear that this is a sought-after topic of exploration across the HE sector, and this event is just the start of the conversation. If there are themes you would be interested in exploring further or questions that remain unanswered, please get in touch with Principal Consultant Lucy Dixon.

For more information about how SUMS can support your university with the evolving digital landscape, visit our Digital Transformation service page here.


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